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The generosity of Benjamin Franklin Society (BFS) members is what allows us to remain at the forefront of business education globally, and we couldn’t possibly offer all that we do to our students without their valued support. It’s true — we make a far greater impact when we band together rather than going it alone.

This Spring, our leadership donors issued a challenge to the Wharton community in commemoration of our founding and the world-class business education provided by the Wharton School since 1881.

The goal: Secure 1,881 BFS members in the 2019 fiscal year, which in turn would unlock an additional $1 million in funds benefitting our School.

From our founding to our future, the entire Wharton community shares an immense sense of pride in the investment that our School makes to coming generations of business leaders. Won’t you help us preserve that legacy over the next 138 years and beyond?

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Meet Our Donors

Benjamin Franklin Society (BFS) members consistently provide more than 85 percent of the money raised for The Wharton Fund. When our BFS ranks grow, Wharton grows in its ability to provide student support, faculty resources, and cutting-edge learning spaces.


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