Wharton Academic
Research Building

The new building is the academic hub for faculty, students, and research programs, including those focused on data and analytics.

Building Size

68,000 sq. ft.


37th and Spruce Streets


Located just off the Mack Plaza, the West Lobby serves as a main entrance to the Wharton Academic Research Building. The vibrant space is an ideal location for students to socialize before or after classes and can transform into an elegant setting for celebratory events.


An inviting space on the first floor, where students can gather around a living green wall or cluster in seating groups. The lounge leads to the Wharton Undergraduate Division Suite, providing a point of connectivity for students, and converts to accommodate social gatherings.

SAIL Classrooms

The building's two 72-seat Structured Active-in-Class Learning (SAIL) classrooms are designed for project-based learning and collaboration.

Group Study Rooms

Designed for team-based projects, these rooms located on the first and second floors comfortably fit up to six students.

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