Campaign Stories

Ambassador Joseph Westphal Named Inaugural Chang Sun Term Professor at the Lauder Institute

More Than Ever Fundraising Progress

A New Building and New Ideas Come to Life

A view into Tangen Hall, currently under construction at 40th and Sansom Streets in Philadelphia, hints at the innovative and in some cases life-changing...

Beyond Headlines, Sound Bites, and Partisanship: The Penn Wharton Budget Model

The Penn Wharton Budget Model is reinventing decision-making, illustrating how data and analytics are a crucial and often overlooked keystone of democracy and participation.

Mohamed A. El-Erian Named a Senior Global Fellow at the Lauder Institute and Part-Time Professor of Practice at the Wharton School

Video: How Wearable Technologies Will Change the Healthcare Landscape

The 2019 Successful Applications of Customer Analytics Conference explored how wearable tech can improve the patient experience and deliver more precise and efficient healthcare.

Video: How Penn Students are Contributing to the NFL Data Revolution

For the first time, the NFL released some of their highly valuable player-tracking data to the public to see what insights they could find....

Video: How to Find Your Favorite Games (or How They Will Find You)

How Electronic Arts relied on Wharton to deliver optimal gaming recommendations to its users

Video: The Ever-Changing Role of the Chief Data and Analytics Officer

How insights affect business results, operational efficiency, and effectiveness

One Year Down, One Year To Go

The nuts and bolts behind Wharton's new academic building in the heart of Penn's campus.

Philanthropy for the Record Books

Donors to The Wharton Fund raise an unprecedented amount in unrestricted support

Financial Aid Grows Analytics Leaders

How scholarships for undergraduate students give access to opportunities in data and technology

Accelerating Innovation in Blockchain

A key partnership with The Ripple Foundation supports new research and academic programs at Wharton and Penn

Top 5 More Than Ever Highlights

Groundbreaking moments in the campaign's first year after public launch

Analytics at Wharton

A pioneering initiative that will change the face of a Wharton education has officially launched in part thanks to an anonymous, transformational gift

Successful Challenge is a Celebration of Wharton’s Founding and Future

More than 1,881 Benjamin Franklin Society donors unlocked a seven-figure gift for Wharton's students, faculty, and alumni

Gift from Barry and Marie Lipman to Expand Lipman Family Prize and Provide Three Six-Figure Prizes to Social Impact Organizations

Wharton School Forms Analytics at Wharton

This instrumental gift will accelerate Wharton’s innovations in applying sophisticated analytical tools to solve challenges.

Design for New Tangen Hall Offers Game-Changing Student Entrepreneurship Space

The Future of Finance Comes to New York

Wharton alumni gathered in the finance capital of the world for an evening of thought leadership on the future of investment strategy.

Wharton School Establishes the Stevens Center for Innovation in Finance

The pioneering center will analyze how technology is transforming the business models of financial services.

Wharton School Receives $10 Million Gift from Josh and Marjorie Harris to Advance Learning and Engagement in Alternative Investments

William P. Lauder Endows the William P. Lauder Wharton Leadership Fellows Program with $4 Million Gift

Wharton School Receives $25 Million Gift from Nicolai Tangen and AKO Foundation to Establish Transformative New Tangen Hall and International Student Scholarship Fund

Commemorating the Lauder Institute’s Building Expansion and Renovation

Ronald S. Lauder and Leonard A. Lauder Dedicate the Home of the Lauder Institute

Eric Tchetgen Tchetgen Named Inaugural Luddy Family President’s Distinguished Professor at the Wharton School

Ingrid M. Nembhard Named Inaugural Fishman Family President’s Distinguished Associate Professor at the Wharton School

Wharton Receives $50 Million Gift from Marc J. Rowan and Carolyn Rowan for Teaching, Research, and Leadership

University of Pennsylvania Receives $2 Million from Marc J. Leder for Behavior Change for Good Initiative

Johnson & Johnson Gift Provides Undergraduate Financial Aid and Serves Communities through the Nursing/Wharton Impact Scholars Loan Program

Penn Launches Strategic Collaboration with Ripple to Accelerate Innovation in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

Video: How to Make Leadership Look Like Magic

If you think leadership can’t be learned, Professor Sigal Barsade will change your mind. She believes leadership is a skill that contains identifiable elements...

How to Grow a Different Kind of MBA

Business is going interdisciplinary with MBAs now finding unconventional leadership roles.

Who’s Game for Transforming the Workplace Through Data Analytics?

Can “gut” decisions be harnessed into analytics tools? Professor Cade Massey shows how.

When Risky Business Is Good Business

Wharton alumni are taking the lead in making alternative investments essential to modern finance.

Helping Cities Go With the Flow

Water utilities lose $14 billion every year from leaks, faulty meters, and water theft. These challenges, coupled with a lack of government infrastructure investment,...

From Farm to Market More Efficiently

When it comes to agriculture, weather isn’t all that’s dicey. Farmers need accurate counts of the produce in their fields to determine pricing, negotiate...

Are Leaders Born … or Made?

Strong, effective leadership is indispensable to the success of any organization. Large corporations, small businesses, nonprofits, educational institutions — all recognize the difference good...

Successful M&A evaluation includes PE and emerging global markets

Thinking of growing your company via a merger or an acquisition? It’s important for strategic buyers to understand what’s shaping the market and the...

Countdown to the Real World

The mission of the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative has always been to bridge the gap between academia and industry. Last fall, Wharton marketing professors...

Bridging the Gap Between Business and Technology Through Data Analytics

Companies across a variety of industries are currently spending millions of dollars on data-gathering initiatives — but few are successfully capitalizing on all this...

Small Business Grows Up

Wharton is collaborating with business leaders and entrepreneurs in ways that give birth to the world’s next great companies, driving significant economic growth and...

Analyze New Forms of Data Through Neuroscience

When the time-traveling orbital observatory known as the James Webb Space Telescope reaches its orbit around the Earth (which NASA hopes will happen sometime...

How Sovereign Wealth Funds Can Make the Most of Private Equity

Sovereign wealth fund managers must be increasingly adept when adjusting their investments.

How Neuroflow Is Using Data & Wearables to Fight PTSD

Chris Molaro, WG’17, founder of Neuroflow, talks about using data & wearables to fight PTSD with Karl Ulrich, Wharton Vice Dean of Entrepreneurship &...

I encourage you to join us as we do what Wharton has always done best — turn vision into action for a better world.”

Geoffey Garrett, Dean of the Wharton School and Reliance Professor of Management and Private Enterprise.

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