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Alison Matejczyk
Senior Executive Director of Development

Invest in the Next Generation of Leaders and Provide For Signature Wharton Student Experiences

Help students choose Wharton

Making significant fellowship offers during the admissions process helps ensure Wharton attracts and matriculates the highest-caliber students, a critical component to staying competitive among peer schools. Fellowships send a signal to prospective students that Wharton is invested in their success.

By establishing a fellowship, you will help Wharton bring the best and brightest to campus, where they can learn from leading faculty, build analytical skills, and develop entrepreneurial thinking. Through your support Wharton will build a diverse student body and empower them to realize their full potential as industry leaders.

Empower students to thrive

MBA candidates are strongly encouraged to participate in immersive learning experiences, such as Leadership Ventures and Global Modular Courses, the cost of which go beyond tuition and fees. By offsetting the cost of attendance, fellowship aid bridges this gap. You will ensure students have the financial support they need to take full advantage of the opportunities Wharton offers — within and beyond the classroom.

Leave a lasting legacy

Wharton makes a difference — not just in the lives of students, but also in the companies and organizations they go on to lead. Alumni turn great ideas into results that matter, creating value in communities near and far. By investing in future business leaders, you will empower them to create an impact that endures long after graduation.

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Alison Matejczyk
Senior Executive Director of Development

Fellowship Giving Opportunities

Wharton is committed to recruiting, educating, and empowering the most promising MBA students. Fellowships have a multiplier effect — giving back to students who will shape growth in their communities and inspiring them to pay it forward to future generations of Wharton students.

Your support of such high-potential students will provide them with the opportunity to transform business and change the world.

How It Works

An elite business education is still in demand and the best students are as well. Merit-based fellowships help ensure that Wharton continues to attract and matriculate the best students. Recipients graduate with less debt and have more financial flexibility to participate in Wharton’s robust experiential learning opportunities — a critical component of the MBA experience.

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    • The average fellowship per aided MBA student has risen at an average rate of 9 percent per year — 70 percent overall — between the class of 2015 and 2021.

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    • Criteria for fellowship selection includes unique personal qualities and background, academic achievement, exceptional professional development, and community involvement.

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    • Fellowships are two-year awards, split equally over four semesters for a typical MBA student.

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    • Awards are offered in the Admission and Financial Aid letter.

Current MBA Fellowship Funding

MBA Fellowship Opportunities

MBA Fellowship Opportunities

MBA Fellowship Opportunities

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*Students of African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic-American, Native-American/Alaska Native, Native Hawaiian descent, and multiethnic backgrounds.

The MBA Fellowship Celebration is an exclusive annual event for MBA fellowship and experience fund donors to meet the exceptional students and connect with others who share their passion for giving. Held each spring in New York City, the celebration provides an opportunity for donors and student recipients to meet and is headlined by the Dean of the Wharton School, a visionary supporter, and remarkable fellowship recipients who share their inspiring stories.