Educational access and excellence in research and teaching are the backbone of the student experience at Wharton and Penn. Financial aid attracts the best students from every background; abundant resources for groundbreaking research and innovative teaching attracts star professors. Bolstering our ability to better support all students and faculty is one of the essential drivers of this campaign.

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“I believe so deeply in the mission of Wharton and have spent a good part of my life trying to develop the Wharton brand. When I see students of the highest quality being able to come and learn and exercise their natural talents, it gives me a sense of pride and accomplishment in terms of contributing something to Wharton that is meaningful.”

Geoffrey Boisi, WG’71


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More Than Ever is a campaign for the people, the research, the partnerships, the curriculum, and the spaces to do what we do best: revolutionize business thinking and generate results.
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What Are the Barriers to Inclusive Leadership? Deloitte, the Wharton School Announce Initiative to Research Barriers, Develop Training and Curriculum to Effect Change

Forward-Thinking, and Forward-Looking

New and Exciting Opportunities in Finance Education

Wharton School Announces New Executive Board Appointments

$10 Million Gift from Foundation Established by Yuri and Julia Milner Creates Full-Tuition MBA Fellowship for Israeli Wharton Students

Sam Lundquist, Vice Dean, Wharton External Affairs

Campaign Perspective: Vice Dean Sam Lundquist on the Meaning of More Than Ever

First, Do Good — Then Do More

Virtual 2020 Graduation Ceremonies: Heartfelt and Eloquent

New Fellowship from Wharton School Provides Full Tuition for Outstanding LGBTQIA+ MBA Student

New Professorship Established by Nancy Yang, W’92 to be Awarded to Angela Duckworth at the University of Pennsylvania

Bringing Together MBAs and Graduate Student Aid Donors

Tangen Hall

Enter Tangen Hall

New Quantitative Finance Major and Dr. Bruce I. Jacobs Professorship and Scholars Mark New Chapter in Quantitative Finance Research and Education at the Wharton School

A Non-Traditional Graduate with a Priceless Gift for Loyalty

Strong records of giving show Wharton is worth investing in.

Wharton School Receives Gift from Michael and Peggy Moh to Create the Moh Foundation Applied Insights Lab

The Moh Foundation Applied Insights Lab will drive practical applications of people analytics.

Wharton School Announces New Executive Board Appointments

Wharton congratulates new executive board members and current members with new appointments whose terms began on July 1, 2019.

Celebrating Access and Creating Connections Between Students and Donor

Scholarship recipients shared personal stories of transformation at named scholarship celebration.

How One Wharton Alumna Supports the Future by Honoring the Past

Carol Curley, WG’81, creates a lasting family legacy while supporting space for student innovation.

A Wharton Program that Engages High School Students from Around the World

Wharton pilots the Wharton Global Youth Program, which introduces high school students around the world to the world of business.

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