Analytics at Wharton

Wharton’s analytic approach to business education has been energized in the era of big data. With an increasingly popular major in business analytics, more than 30 courses focusing on big data, and cutting-edge interdisciplinary initiatives, Wharton is leading the way in creating business innovators and executives who power insight to reinvent decision-making.

Get behind big data at Wharton. Contact us to learn more about connecting with faculty and students through analytics initiatives or providing philanthropic support to one of these areas.

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“Companies tell us the secret sauce is that they want people with business knowledge who understand analytics. That is why Wharton has chosen to integrate it into the mother ship.”

Eric Bradlow,
P. Chao Professor; Vice Dean, Analytics at Wharton; Chairperson, Wharton Marketing Department; Professor of Economics; Professor of Education; Professor of Statistics

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More Than Ever is a campaign for the people, the research, the partnerships, the curriculum, and the spaces to do what we do best: revolutionize business thinking and generate results.
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Leadership Gift to Accelerate Neuroscience at Wharton and Create Actionable Insights in Brain Science and Business

Tao Zhang, WG’02

Wharton School Receives $5 Million to Launch Artificial Intelligence for Business, Extending Its Commitment to Analytics, Learning, and Engagement

Women in Data Science

Women in Data Science: Changing the Paradigm

Students Connect Over Brain Science and Business

Wharton School Receives Gift from Michael and Peggy Moh to Create the Moh Foundation Applied Insights Lab

The Moh Foundation Applied Insights Lab will drive practical applications of people analytics.

Inside the Campaign: Q&A with Sam Lundquist

Wharton's vice dean reflects on what will be possible as a result of More Than Ever.

Using Brain Science to Improve Team Building and Decision Making

The annual Wharton Neuroscience Initiative (WiN) Summit explores the future of human interactions and performance from a scientific perspective.

Beyond Headlines, Sound Bites, and Partisanship: The Penn Wharton Budget Model

The Penn Wharton Budget Model is reinventing decision-making, illustrating how data and analytics are a crucial and often overlooked keystone of democracy and participation.

Video: How Wearable Technologies Will Change the Healthcare Landscape

The 2019 Successful Applications of Customer Analytics Conference explored how wearable tech can improve the patient experience and deliver more precise and efficient healthcare.

Video: How Penn Students are Contributing to the NFL Data Revolution

For the first time, the NFL released some of their highly valuable player-tracking data to the public to see what insights they could find....

Video: How to Find Your Favorite Games (or How They Will Find You)

How Electronic Arts relied on Wharton to deliver optimal gaming recommendations to its users

Video: The Ever-Changing Role of the Chief Data and Analytics Officer

How insights affect business results, operational efficiency, and effectiveness

One Year Down, One Year To Go

The nuts and bolts behind Wharton's new academic building in the heart of Penn's campus.

Financial Aid Grows Analytics Leaders

How scholarships for undergraduate students give access to opportunities in data and technology

Top 5 More Than Ever Highlights

Groundbreaking moments in the campaign's first year after public launch

Analytics at Wharton

A pioneering initiative that will change the face of a Wharton education has officially launched in part thanks to an anonymous, transformational gift

Wharton School Forms Analytics at Wharton

This instrumental gift will accelerate Wharton’s innovations in applying sophisticated analytical tools to solve challenges.

Who’s Game for Transforming the Workplace Through Data Analytics?

Can “gut” decisions be harnessed into analytics tools? Professor Cade Massey shows how.

Countdown to the Real World

The mission of the Wharton Customer Analytics Initiative has always been to bridge the gap between academia and industry. Last fall, Wharton marketing professors...

Bridging the Gap Between Business and Technology Through Data Analytics

Companies across a variety of industries are currently spending millions of dollars on data-gathering initiatives — but few are successfully capitalizing on all this...

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